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personal statement feedback service

for medical school entry


For £20, a medical student or doctor will read and annotate your personal statement with comments, along with general feedback, within 5 working days. All personal statements will be treated with full confidentiality.

How this works:

1. Upload your personal statement draft to Google Docs.

2. Submit the form below with the url/link of the Google Doc containing your personal statement.

3. Receive a reference number for your personal statement and a secure payment link to make your payment.

4. You will receive an email with feedback and comments within 5 working days of receipt of payment. All our personal statement 'checkers' are either medical students at top UK universities or doctors.

Here at TheStudentMedic, we know how expensive Medical School Admissions Courses can be and we want to make sure no one misses an opportunity just because of its price. Therefore, we also offer this for free if you are able to prove that you come from a low income household or if you currently receive free school meals.

All you have to do is email with the following:

1. 150 words on why you would like to receive this free service

2. Image of your student ID (OR send the email using your school email address)

3. Proof of either (1) being from a low income household, OR (2) being a recipient of free school meals

If you fulfil all these requirements, you will then be sent instructions on how to schedule your free session.

You do NOT need to fill in the form below.

Sign up for personal statement feedback - £20

Paid slots help us cover the costs of running the website.

Your form has been submitted.

*We are trialling this system for 2021/2022*
Previously, we offered free personal statement checks to everyone regardless of financial need. We took time out of our days to provide this service for free. This website operated at a loss, and we found that demand exceeded supply greatly. With this new system, we hope to:
(1) Help cover the costs of running the website
(2) Continue to help those who are truly unable to afford this service

If you have any constructive feedback about this new system, please fill in the contact form below. Thank you.

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