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Here at TheStudentMedic, we believe in the transformative power of information and education. Founded in the summer of 2018 by Justina Tai, who was then a medical student at UCL, we are run entirely by doctors and medical students with a twofold goal:

For Medical Students

Through our Editorial Section 'Surviving Medical School', our aim is for TheStudentMedic to be a conversation starter – a safe space for discussion on topics like burnout, mental health, and the struggles of studying medicine. We also provide resources for incoming medical students and outgoing doctors to ease their transition process into medical school or into the workplace. 

For Pre-Medical Students

Up to 80% of medical students in the UK come from higher income households, and more than a quarter from private schools; while half of UK secondary schools have not seen a single pupil apply to medical school. This is why we also provide free resources and services for pre-medical students from low income backgrounds in an attempt to provide a level playing field for everyone who aspires to become a doctor, regardless of their background. 

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